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"I still remember the first day one of my friends came into my place of business, all nervous and hysterical.

Her little angel had gotten 
Head Lice! "

Let the Fairy De-Lice Your Little Angel

I still remember the first day one of my friends came into my place of business, all nervous and hysterical.

Her little angel had gotten Head Lice!

“I don’t know what to do”, she said. I want to throw out her bed, I have bought all kinds of chemical shampoos, but I am afraid they are going to harm her, more than helping her”. She is just a child, after all.

Besides skipping school, thinking about cutting a little girl’s hair and the embarrassment of seeing other friends, and parents, she was heartbroken over her daughter.

I remember a good friend of mine, had talked about someone who had had studied and had opened a place to naturally treat kids with head lice. After meeting her, she had said that an amazing lady in Florida, had founded a non-profit organization and had developed a natural, non-toxic approach to the problem of head lice called, the Shepherd Method™.

I did get a chance to meet this brilliant, caring and amazing lady. In fact, I personally trained with her and even have been back to go through full apprenticeship program.

She has certified me under her program, so I can help my friends and family members from that awful, but treatable nit, called head lice.

Hundreds of people all around the United States have been treated with this amazing method.

Let DeLice Fairy help you fully kill head lice and permanently remove it. Guaranteed!

Delice Fairy offers a competitive edge over other lice treatment services.

Gain amazing franchise opportunities for as little as $5000 up front plus an additional of 5% of sales! Don't you worry on achieving success for your new endeavor because training and marketing support will be provided. Our all natural technique to stopping head lice from spreading will be your advantage in today’s competitive market.

We’re looking for individuals who will help us in our mission to stop head lice and educate families everywhere about a safe and effective lice removal program using natural products. Own and grow your business while keeping your community lice free.

Start your own head lice removal business today! Call, text, or reach out to us through email at for more information on investment and franchise opportunities.

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Achieve Success While Getting Rid of Lice!

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