Her little angel had gotten 
Head Lice! "

"I still remember the first day one of my friends came into my place of business, all nervous and hysterical.

A head lice infestation is a common concern in children and adults. According to CDC, approximately 6 to 12 million lice infestations happen every year in the US among young kids from ages 3 to 11. Parents are anxious to find a fast and effective solution to this age old problem. In the US alone, 350 million is spent on lice treatment products each year. However, using insecticides and prescription shampoos to get rid of lice might result in poisoning when used excessively. 

Help Stop the Stigma. Become a Delice Fairy franchise owner. Delice Fairy is a respected specialist in the head lice removal and prevention industry. Join our training and certification programs and start providing an excellent service in the community.

Great deals are waiting for you if you join our franchise opportunities for as little as $5000 up front plus an additional of 5% of sales!

Great deals are waiting for you if you join our franchise opportunities for as little as $5000 up front plus an additional of 5% of sales!

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Questions and Answers

How much is the franchise fee?

If you join our franchise opportunity, you can start your own business for as low as $5000 up front and gain an additional 5% of sales.

Are there other fees?

Additional fees include a continuing royalty fee of 5% of your total monthly sales and an affordable system ad fund fee of $150. These will be used primarily for website marketing, promotions, branding, research and development, customer referrals, and customer incentive programs.

Do you provide training and certification?

Delice Fairy requires prospective franchise owners to complete a training program in our corporate branch. This is normally a 1 to 2-week process where you’ll gain knowledge & support in applying the treatment process while being acquainted with the operations side, marketing, and managing a franchise. Delice Fairy will also provide its full support to assist you in becoming a franchisee success story!

How much will I earn if I become a Delice Fairy Franchisee?

Profitability varies significantly depending on several factors such as local marketing and advertisements efforts, operating costs, location, financing terms, your ability to handle expenses, along with numerous other factors. Delice Fairy is unable to calculate earnings or profits for new establishments. Inevitably, the success of your franchise lies greatly in your hands. However, our team will closely work with you starting from the initial planning stage. Our goal is to help you succeed because your success is also our success.

What qualities do you look for in your prospective franchisees?

Among the essential qualifications are:

  • Strong motivation to own and grow a business

  • Sales and marketing is also an advantage

  • Community involvement

  • Great leadership skills

  • Ability to effectively recruit, handle, and motivate a team

  • Ability to learn new technologies and adhere to a proven system

  • Management experience

  • Genuine affinity for children

  • Hard working

  • Geared toward quality, success, and excellence.

Should I have a background in the hair care to own a Delice Fairy franchise?

It is not a requirement, although those skills will be helpful. Business management and marketing experience are far more important to your success. Ultimately, everything that is necessary to be successful is a strong belief in our principle, dedication to excellence, drive to succeed and eagerness to learn!

Do I need to be hands-on with clients?

Your main focus is to grow your business, but it is essential for you to assist clients from time to time as a way to develop your knowledge and experience. It will also help in promoting your business and getting along with your staff.

How long does it take to be awarded a Delice Fairy franchise?

There is a step by step franchise program that will guide you through the process. There is going to be an interview. We advise you to come by our corporate office to review our disclosure agreement, validate our franchise offer and get advice from our franchise and financial professionals.

What’s the next step?

Reach us by giving us a call, send text or email us at  info@delicefairy.com to start your application right away. It’s that simple!

Achieve Success While Getting Rid of Lice!

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