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Head lice- nobody wants to talk about it, yet in the U.S. alone, over 12 million children a year are afflicted with it. Second only to the common cold, head lice are spreading at epidemic proportions. Parents are desperate, doctors hope to avoid it and schools (understandably) slam the door on it and, all to often, the children are made to feel like outcast. Up till recent years the lack of proper education surrounding head lice as assisted in the spread of lice infestations.

Thanks to extensive research by several major universities across the country and in part by organizations like the National Pediculosis Associations, strides are being made. Finally we are gaining a better understanding through intensive case studies. In doing so we can create safer and more effective treatments, provide preventive measures to help reduce the spread of head lice and ultimately gain steps forward eradicating the problem.

Studies in recent years have determined that treatments previously used are no longer effective. The only prevention, of the continued spread and possible re-infestation, is pain-staking nit picking! Thanks also to the NPA, steps have been taken to stop the use of shampoos containing harmful chemicals, such as Lindane. Furthermore, the no nit policy has become widely accepted as we have come to realize that lice have, in fact, become resistant to products once capable of destroying them.

While no nit policies come with good intentions and are absolutely necessary, they also have created an entirely new set of problems. For parents and school officials alike this is a frustrating situation. Children are missing school- causing their studies to suffer. When children miss school, schools lose revenue. Parents are not only spending countless dollars on product that no longer work, many also suffer the loss of income as they are forced to miss work while tending to their child’s head lice needs. Additionally is the strained relationship that is created between parents and school administration, as schools diligently try to enforce the no nit policy. Equally importation is the effect this has on the child’s self esteem as they feel responsible and humiliated by the whole ordeal.

DeLice Fairy came to be when a group of concemed parents decided it was time to start controlling head lice- instead of head lice controlling them. From the start, DeLice Fairy desire was to provide parents with a safe and effective means for dealing with head lice. Their goal was to better educate parents in ways to prevent the spread of head lice in hopes of minimizing the ever-growing number of cases. They also hoped with a better understanding they could effectively help end the negative stigma associated with having head lice.

While strides have been made in that direction it hasn’t been easy. Technicians began travelling a three county area and in a few cases- even to other states where no help was available. Phone support was made available not only in our local calling area but also in just about every state. Much of the burden of this cost has fallen on the shoulders of those parents looking to help make a difference.

DeLice Fairy, LLC is proud to announce the opening of their first head lice treatment facility. We are here to help all who seek it, regardless of income as their trained technicians tend to the tedious job of painstakingly nitpicking each child’s head clean.

The specific purpose is of DeLice Fairy is to provide the community at large withsafe and effective ways to prevent, screen and (when necessary) treat head lice found on children. They also work with schools, daycares,and other such facilities to provide more effective ways to stop the spread of head lice. Web and phone support is also available to those living outside the range of head lice facility.

DeLice Fairy’s mission is to establish and maintain lice treatment facilities in populated communities across the U.S. By doing so they can ensure the promotion of safe and effective ways to prevent, screen and treat head lice. The organization will achieve this by providing nit removal on a sliding scale basis equal to current school lunch programs, teach preventative steps to help stop the spread of head lice and by promoting a positive attitude to help end the negative stigma associated with having head lice.

Head Lice, while definitely an inconvenience, need no longer be a shameful experience to those families afflicted with it. In today’s society it’s just another childhood illness and most families will face it at one time or another. While not life threatening, it is a real issue to those families who have had the unpleasant task of dealing with this unwelcome houseguest. Thankfully like most childhood illness preventative steps can be taken and help is now available for those who need it most.

We hope you’ll join us in helping this much-needed facility as they move forward to take on the fight against head lice.

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