Facts of Lice

Community Awareness Visits

Education is the key to understanding. It is with that thought in mind that we focus our goals towards better educating parents, children, schools and the community in head lice issues. By working together we can effectively minimize the number of infestations seen in our community each year, help reduce the negative stigma and help to eliminate the numerous myths associated with fighting head lice.

Our staff is available for community events, public speaking, training sessions and classroom visits. There is a minimal charge for this community outreach within our local service area of $50-$85 for this worthy cause to help with travel and other expenses and ensure ongoing service to your community.

Likewise, we are unable to pay for booth space or similar activities at community events. Should your school or organization require such services outside our local area, we invite you to call our office for an estimate on travel services in your community.

All training sessions are intended to be informative, educational and taught at a level of understanding that will meet the needs of that particular audience. Handout material is available upon request. We ask that you notify the office at least two weeks in advance to schedule a visit. A six week notice is required for any event that would involve our supplying displays, booths or other activity related items.

School Screenings

Our teams of trained technicians are available to come to your school for a thorough head check screening. To reach ultimate achievement it is suggested that this should include the entire student body; however it can involve as little as one classroom or grade level. Screenings are available, in our local service area, for a cost of $1.00 per head; with a one hundred dollar minimum. A small price to pay for peace of mind that your school is lice free! Please understand that this cost is necessary due to time involved, additional staffing requirements and travel expense needed to accommodate your request. A two weeks advance notice is requested to ensure staffing and scheduling requirements. Payment is due at time of service unless previous arraignments have been made. When scheduling, please keep in mind that the start of school and after the holidays is a highly requested time for this service.

No help in your area? Should your school or community need help, our teams are available to travel to areas outside our normal service area.

Please call for pricing- for on site services in your community. Should situations in your school or community deem this service necessary, it is strongly encouraged that time be allocated to help treat families found with ongoing problems. Please feel free to call for more information- we are here to help.

PTA Meetings

Is your PTA filled with concerned parents who truly want to help make their school a better place for their children? Are they actively involved and willing to take a stand on issues they believe to be in the best interest of their children? If so, we have speakers available for upcoming PTA meetings; we have staff on hand to assist in lice related school events or we are here to simply provide you with lice related material, all in an attempt to help keep your families better informed. DeLice Fairy works closely with school groups to help promote such events as Head Check Awareness Week, Head Lice Prevention Month, Halloween Tips, DC Lice Patrol and Summer Camp Safety. All events are geared to help keep our kids in school and LICE FREE!!

Looking for ways to get your school more actively involved? Ask about our fundraising programs. Take the challenge and help to ensure a lice free environment in your school. Handouts and prizes are available for schools looking to participate in these programs. Funds raised help in the ongoing efforts to keep all children in school and lice free. Additionally they help to ensure the continued availability of free and reduced treatments for our less fortunate children.

Head Check

Not sure if you have head lice, but want someone to check? We offer individual and family head checks to help identify possible infestations. We strongly encourage this before you waste time and money treating needlessly. Head checks for new clients run $29.00 which includes file set up and a comb. Future head checks are billed at $15.00 each. Families consisting of multiple members will pay $29.00 for the first two members and than $15.00 for each consecutive member, up to a maximum of five family members. Any additional members will be checked at no additional charge..

Please note: A family unit is identified as immediate family only- consisting of custodial parents and siblings living within the same household.

Should your family be found to have head lice and wish to be treated at our facility- a portion of the second head check fee and all additional ones will be waved in lieu of the cost of treatment. Throughout the year we offer additional opportunities for children to be checked free of charge. We strongly encourage all families to take
advantage of these opportunities and to have their child’s head checked as often as possible. Keep in mind- the sooner you identify head lice the easier it is to contain it. We like to remind our families of that old saying “A stitch in time saves nine”, the same theory applies with head lice!

Complete Nit Removal

Our trained technicians are available to assist you in the removal of lice and their nits. We use only safe, nontoxic, yet effective products when working with your family. During the treatment process we check all family members, at no additional cost, to rule out any additional cases that might exist within your household, in our ongoing attempts to help prevent possible re-infestation. Our technicians are skilled in finding even the smallest nymph. We work with paper thin strands of hair, combing and nit picking, inch by inch. Because we do this all day – every day – we do it right the first time and in considerably less time than most parents would at home. Additionally, since we work in a kid friendly environment, children tend to be more cooperative for the technicians, as they relax and watch their favoritemovies. Many parents only complaint is that the kids can’t wait to come back again! During the visit we work closely with your family to help educate them in head lice issues and to offer a variety of preventative steps in our attempt to safeguard your household from reoccurring cases. Our goal is to help keep your family safe from head lice today, as well as in the future.

The cost of this service is $95.00 for the first hour and $95.00 for each additional hour. While the average treatment takes approximately two hours, several factors determine actual time involved. This includes how thick the hair is that we are working with, how severe the infestation is and how cooperative the individual is. At an average cost is $190.00 per treatment, it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind that your family has been treated quickly, safely and effectively the very first time.

As part of our hand holding policy we encourage two CLEAN rechecks following the initial treatment process. Rechecks are scheduled within 5 to 7 days depending on the client’s availability and the severity of the case- on the client’s initial visit. The initial treatment charge includes one follow-up recheck FREE. Should additional rechecks be necessary the charge would be $10.00 each regardless of the number of rechecks needed; as long as the individual is involved in an ongoing treatment program and maintains required time intervals of follow-up visits. Keep in mind that we Recheck- Not Retreat!It should be further noted that follow-up visits are a vital part of the treatment process towards ensuring your family remains lice free. This is extremely important for those individuals that knowingly expose their self to a lice infested environment- ex. school with severe head lice infestations, other family members or friends also battling the problem, etc. (We had one such neighborhood where an entire 3 block radius was battling it at the same time.) As we like to say “It is the gift that keeps on giving!”

Please note that all fees are due at time of service. We accept check, cash or credit card. Due to a large number of delinquent accounts, we are no longer able to accept payment arrangements. We regret any inconvenience this may cause your family. Office hours are Monday thru Sunday from 9 to 6. While we do close at 6pm we naturally work until the last treatment is completed, often times incurring additional fees for our facility. Because we block two hour treatments, our last treatment is booked at 4:30pm.

For clients requiring after hour services, the cost of treatment is increased to help offset overtime fees and the cost of keeping the facility open to serve your family. After hour fees are $120.00 per hour and $95.00 for each additional hour for any treatment service booked after 4:30pm. For those individuals requiring late evening or weekend visits, the rate is $120.00 for the first hour, $95.00 for each additional hour with a $25.00 per quarter hour charge if necessary. A minimum of one hour, per treatment booked, will be charged for opening the office up after normal business hours, regardless of services needed. Keep in mind that time is of the essence- charges start at the time of your scheduled appointment and end at the completion of the treatment. Our goal is to serve your family, that can only be accomplished by adequately covering all cost involved.

While we can’t follow you home we can guarantee that we will stay with your family as long as necessary, to help them through this current infestation and to keep them safe from possible re-exposure. Once treated, your child will be returned to class, nit free, with a certificate stating completion of treatment and date of the required follow-up visit.

Web & Phone Support

To ensure accurate help is available for all families, DeLice Fairy provides web & phone support to all individuals, regardless of where they live. Sometimes a simple question needs to be answered. Sometimes it’s just the peace of mind we gain when we hear a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. Whatever your reason, we encourage you to take advantage of the services provided. Feel free to ask any questions you might have concerning head lice. Emails are answered promptly and the web site itself offers a wealth of information. Should you prefer to call us directly, we are always willing to take whatever time is necessary to help put your mind at ease. Keep in mind that the phones can get hectic- if you should reach our voice mail- PLEASE leave a message- we will return your call- even after hours! No matter how you choose to contact us – we are here to help. No one needs to feel frustrated or alone when there is help available. Stop wasting valuable time doing all the wrong things. Let us instead help you concentrate on doing the right things!

While there is no charge for these services, we strongly encourage you to consider giving a donation to help further this cause. Keep in mind that while we don’t pass the cost for these services on to you, they do nonetheless cost us. Therefore if this site has been helpful and informative – please help ensure that it continues to be available for others as well. Donations can be made by credit card thru the donation link on our web site or checks can be mailed to the address at the bottom of this page. Remember all donations are tax deductible and are much needed and appreciated- no matter what the size!

Partnership With Schools and State Organizations

The primary purpose of DeLice Fairy is to “keep children in school”. We at DeLice Fairy strive to offer programs that assist children of low income families, thus ensuring all children are able to receive the education they deserve. Therefore, we have programs available whereby we work with the school nurses (or appropriate administration) on a referral basis in our attempt to provide help to needy families regarding the treatment of head lice for their school aged children. Request for financial consideration for services must be made by the school through written referral and with proof of financial need. It also requires the receiving family to give back in the way of volunteer time, in an ongoing effort to ensure that similar help is available for others. If you belong to a school in our service area and have such a need- contact your school nurse or our office for additional information.

Please be aware- to date- NO ONE reimburses us for these treatments. Cost of such services is offset by our paying clients and your kind donations.


Parents Advocating Head DeLice Fairy or better known as pFairies is a group of concerned parents fighting for more proactive solutions in the battle against head lice. While we would like to think that we are all concerned and willing parents when it comes to fighting head lice, regrettably, it’s just not a subject that most people like to talk about. When you’re the family fighting head lice it’s easy to see that there needs to be more proactive measures. Unfortunately, once most families are past the problem they are all too eager to get back to normal, leaving behind any good intentions they might have had in trying to help stop the spread of head lice. Here at DeLice Fairy we refuse to sweep it under the rug. While not a pretty subject – we do see the need. More importantly we have vowed to help make a difference.

pFairies agrees with this philosophy and they too have taken a stand. The group consists of concerned parents, businesses, healthcare professionals and childcare providers- all working together in an attempt to stop the spread of head lice. The goals of this organization are to better educate the public in head lice matters, promote more proactive measures in the prevention of head lice and erase false or negative stigmas associated with those found to have head lice. Ultimately their goal is to live in a lice free community. As part of their services they are working to distribute a monthly email newsletter whereby they can help keep parents informed on newer research, additional outreach programs, lice in the news and problems associated with misuse of products or bad policies. Their goal is to bring parents together in the fight against head lice- no matter where they live! Additionally they are aiming to simultaneously help develop safer and more proactive policies within their schools. pFairies is aggressively working to make more lice related “educational” material available to the public in hopes of reminding parents that head lice is still a problem that cannot be ignored. Through services offered at DeLice Fairy’s treatment facilities they are helping to develop campaigns geared to promote early detection. They are teaming with parents across the country to organize and participate in fundraising activities that benefit lice prevention and the use of safe treatment products.

They are also working to ensure continued services to needy children. They even have long term goals of helping DeLice Fairy establish additional locations, as well as helping to produce lice related books and videos that are both educational and fun to watch.

While there is no membership fee associated with this group, they do encourage fellow pFairies to help by making an annual donation. Suggested amount is at least $25.00 per individual and/or $100.00 per business member.

Additionally they ask each member to help by volunteering at least 20 hours a year in the fight against head lice. Volunteer time that can be provided no matter where the pFairies member lives. These steps are essential to DeLice Fairy’s mission success based on many factors; among them is the ability to get the community involved through volunteer work and that public financial support is needed for the expansion and awareness. For more information on this worthy program please contact info@delicefairy.com. Please be sure and note pFairies in the subject line. Unless we are willing to work together we can not possibly make a difference in the fight against head lice. We encourage each of you to take a stand- Get involved and help us as we strive to make a difference!

Distance Assistance

We realize that not all cases of head lice exist in Northern Virginia and Washington DC metropolitan area, nor do they favor areas where help is readily available. While our hopes are to provide help to all that need it, we recognize that unfortunately it’s not always possible. If you are an individual or family with a lice problem and can’t find help close by, please give us a call. If we know of a service in your area- we will make that information available through our Go Local page and/or through phone referrals.

If your family still needs help, and you are able, a trip to Northern Virginia might be the next best thing. If necessary our technicians are available to travel to other areas, however, keep in mind that additional cost is involved and must be paid prior to any trip. Therefore we suggest that if opting for this service, you make it a combined community or family effort. Keep in mind we are prepared to stay on location as long as your lice problem deems necessary however, additional cost is involved. Please have your school or appropriate representative contact our offices to work out necessary cost and details.

Business Consulting

We regularly hear from individuals looking to offer a nit removal service in their area. While we are always glad to know there is more help out there, we also ask that those looking to provide such service take the time and expense to ensure they are first properly trained. If you think you have what it takes and want to expand your abilities in this area, we provide a training session whereby you would come to our facility and spend an intense week of hands on training.

During this time we you will learn the fine technique of nit removal, you’ll learn how to find and identify all stages of lice you’ll be educated in head lice issues, you’ll learn step by step procedures that have served parents in Washington DC metro for 5 years. You’ll learn the art of working with parents in an attempt to help ease them past their current lice infestation and you will gain a wealth of newer more updated lice information from the experts that see it every day. Best of all you will leave with the necessary tools to help assist families in your area. To learn more about the cost of this service please call Henry at 703-303-2969 or 703-675-3272. Keep in mind that cost does not include any travel or overhead expense incurred by you.

DeLice Fairy in Your Home Town

Our mission is to help reduce the number of cases of head lice seen each year using the very successful SHEPHERD Method. We intend to do that by opening treatment facilities in major cities across the US. DeLice Fairy has an office in the Northern Virginia. Exactly which location we choose next is still being debated. If you would like to have a DeLice Fairy in your area or would be interested in becoming part of our team- give us a call. Future sites will be provided first to those areas where help is needed the most and have proven to have the community support necessary to sustain such a facility

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